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 Traité de Coopération Judiciaire avec le Sussex

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Date d'inscription : 18/07/2006

Traité de Coopération Judiciaire avec le Sussex Empty
MessageSujet: Traité de Coopération Judiciaire avec le Sussex   Traité de Coopération Judiciaire avec le Sussex Empty9/1/2007, 04:39

Citation :
In the name of the Duchy of the Lyonese-Dauphiné and Sussex, All those which will see this present letter, In their wisdom, the lords Malachia Halliwell, Duchess of Sussex, and Anthony de Massigny, said Wulfen, Governor of the large Lyonese-Dauphiné, conscious and of Reason according to the spirit of Aristote, puts, here and at present, to express their respective will to establish this treaty of legal co-operation binding the people of the Sussex and the Lyonese-Dauphiné. Justice being the first function of the various councils, this treaty will bring concern to the non-believer who would dare to withdraw from Justice signatories. The various councils signatories, as a representative respective of their Duché/Comté renew their wishes of friendship and reciprocal regards.

Article I
I.I. While agreeing to sign this treaty of legal co-operation, the contracting parts accept that no one should not escape from the legal procedures nor with Justice from Duchy.
I.II. If a citizen is put in charge in one of the two areas it will have to be subjected to the laws and the habits of the place of its crime or offence.

Article II - legal Procedure relative to this treaty
II-I-A. A person trying to withdraw itself from the Justice of the territory of the one of the parts signing this treaty, it either will be extradited, or judged in agreement by the competent courts of the country where it will have been stopped.
II-I-B. The judgement "in agreement" implies a total co-operation between the judges and prosecutors of the 2 counties.
II-I-C. The defendant will have right to a right defense.

II-II. The procedure will be as follows:
II-II-A. Charge on request of Duchy holding jurisdiction for the committed crime. This one will provide the prosecutor of Duchy judging the Bill of Indictment as well as the evidence against the defendant (those will have to be provided as a preliminary).
II-II-B. The whole procedure will be under the primary education jurisdiction of requiring Duché. The local judge will write the sentence in his heart and conscience, but will provide the motivations of his decision to the asking County.
II-II-C. A whole collaboration is necessary between the proper authorities in order to guarantee a mutual respect of the laws of the 2 counties.

II-III. Any offence made in the Duchy, already made before in the other could be continued like repetition.

Article III
III-I. The various councils, representatives their Duchies like their successors, as of the signature of it-known as treaty, engage legally and fully their Duchies to respect this treaty.
III-II. The non-observance of a clause of this treaty releases the other part of any obligation until a compensation or an agreement can be found.
III-III. This treaty has incidence only on strict the field of Justice.

Artcile IV: The cancellation of this treaty

IV-I. A unilateral cancellation of this present treaty in times of peace must observe the following procedure.
IV-II. To cancel: A missive of the Duke/Governor will be addressed has the other Dke/Governor. An official and formal declaration will then be published in the respective Inn and the embassies.
IV-III. Cancellation will not stop the procedures in progress in one or the other County and judgement will be returned.
IV-IV. Modifications total or partial of this present treaty can be decided by mutual assent.

Signed with the Castle of Lyon, in the tenth of July 1454 In the name of the Duchy of the Lyonese-Dauphiné:

Anthony de Massigny, said Wulfen, Governor of the Duchy of Lyonnais-Dauphiné
Traité de Coopération Judiciaire avec le Sussex Sceauurbs15sb

Alynerion, vice-chamberlain
Traité de Coopération Judiciaire avec le Sussex Sceauurbs31yx

In the name of the Duchy of Sussex: Duchess Malachia Halliwell, Marchioness of Sussex
Traité de Coopération Judiciaire avec le Sussex Malshieldcopy3seal
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Traité de Coopération Judiciaire avec le Sussex
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